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By Site, SviluppoMania or we mean SviluppoMania and its collaborators, which updates and manages the Site on its own. The Site is aimed at the information and leisure of the User registered on the Site itself. The Site may propose access links to sites of other entities or companies: SviluppoMania can not be held responsible for their availability, content, products and services offered, or less, any damages or losses occurring in As a consequence of their use. It is not, however, responsible for the manner and purpose of collecting and processing personal data by such third parties. SviluppoMania does not take any responsibility for damages of any kind resulting from access to or from the inability to access or use this site. SviluppoMania reserves, at its discretion, and at any time, the right to:
• Modify these Terms of use;
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• Interrupt the availability of the Site at any time and without notice.

User and Sviluppo Mania agree that the laws and regulations of the Italian State and of the European Community shall apply to all matters relating to the use of this Website. By using this site, you implicitly accept the Terms and Conditions Here reported.

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§3 Legal notice

Sviluppo Mania makes available this site and its contents as they are and does not provide any warranties or representations of any kind. Sviluppo Mania disclaims any such statement and warranty, for example, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Furthermore, although the information provided is deemed to be accurate, Sviluppo Mania does not state or warrant that the information made available through this site does not contain any errors or the site is complete or up to date. If not specifically indicated on this site, Sviluppo Mania or any of its directors, employees, employees or other representatives will be held liable for damages arising out of or related to the use of this Site. Such liability limitation applies to all damages of any kind Including, without limitation, indemnification, direct or indirect damages, loss of data, revenue or profits, loss or damage to property and third party claims. Sviluppo Mania collects information that allows you to contact a user by address, first name and last name or other data combinations. Sviluppo Mania collects information that allows you to contact an Internet user via the email or URL of the WebSite. Sviluppo Mania collects non-financial information, such as a Web site's password and / or Internet Cookies, which allow you to A correct user identification when navigating to: https://www.sviluppomania.com/.
The Web Site users: https://www.sviluppomania.com/ They can generate data through explicit interactions, such as queries or other transactions. Demographic and socioeconomic data such as sex, age, geographical area of ​​residence or income may be claimed and collected during User's sexual navigation. You can collect information about your personal preferences and preferences, such as your favorite color, music genre, sports, and the views of the previous list and only for exemplification and non-exclusivity. Sviluppo Mania uses this information to integrate and support the current business, WebSite and system Administration, customizing a website, research and development. The above information can be distributed within the company and its partners. In addition, this information can be used to allow a person's personal identification for legal and legal purposes.

Last updated: March 2020