What is Sviluppo Mania? – #1

Cos’è Sviluppo Mania – #1

What is Sviluppo Mania? – #1

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

My name is Francesco and my passion is the informatics and isided to andertake a new experience snaking in the creation of a new and bilingual portal (italian and english) on the informatics, as well! This because i think i am a open-mind person and i’m ready to listen the other points of view and to say my tought anyway, ever if i’m in disagreed with others.

I love freedom and i believe that it is the most important think for a person and, indeed, it must not be repriseed and neither limited.

I will post some articles of different natures based on the informatics (software/hardware, programming, videogames, and so on), i would like to have some comments; i like to know other points of view.


You can contact me privately at this mail address: [email protected] : i will be glad to reply and to accept advices for going better.


I ask just a think: on posts are not accepted negative comments, vulgar or discriminants.

Thanks for collaborating.

A greting and good read!

Francesco (Sviluppo Mania)




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