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Cake Browser

Imagine a cake with all its characteristics, but to find out the cake we are talking about it is only bite after bite that we will begin to understand if we will like this cake or not. Now imagine the developers who have to develop an app specifically a web browser, apparently there is nothing striking it is as if it were a cake, there are as many types of cakes as there are an infinite number of browsers to use. But it is only “SWIPE AFTER SWIPE” that we will find out if Cake Browser will be our definitive browser, as you will have understood today we will go to review “Cake Browser”

Swipe To Explore Results -en

Let’s start with the “end” of this application and then go backwards to find out what the “features” are.

SWIPEs are the basis with which Cake Browser was developed, in fact we realize when once the app is downloaded the tutorial that will guide you will show you all the gestures (or swipes) available. After we have carried out a search, as the first tab we will have all the results of the search engine that we went to use (for example “Google”) but simply by swiping from right to left we will begin to see the sites that are provided with the result of our research, this is the research philosophy on which Cake Browser is based on trying to perform as few taps as possible. The fact that it has been developed in this way makes it different from all other browsers that in practice try to reproduce their desktop interface for our mobile devices but Cake Browser has an entirely “user friendly” interface for smartphones, the graphics are sewn to measure.

Find Faster With Group Search -enA very useful feature in the research phase is that it allows us to choose the category of the “subject” or “thing” we are looking for, in this way the application allows us to “focus” the search results on “Images”, “Video” or if we want to buy a product.


Let’s see how he copes with the Privacy part. Let’s start by saying that unlike other browsers, Cake Browser does not use the “Cloud based” features as a source of pride, that is, it does not save our history or passwords on the Cloud so there is no need to create an account to use Cake Browser but simply our history and our passwords are saved locally and consequently we will lose them once we go to uninstall the app.

Built-in Privacy -en

Below we list the “Privacy features” it boasts, without installing any plugins.

  • Incognito browsing with the possibility of setting a timer for self-destruction of the open pages ;
  • Browser lock with passcode (compatible with Android / iOS Face ID, fingerprint)
    Integrated Adblock with anti-tracking of Cookies ;
  • Forcing sites via HTTPS where sites allow it .


Upgrade Cake Premium -en

As the only paid “Features” you can take advantage of an integrated VPN, without installing third-party apps.


We got to the end of our review by saying that you would be rightly wondering on which systems you can install Cake browser, nobody will be disappointed because it is available on Android and iOS. Let us know in the comments if you have tried it and if you will put Chrome or Safari aside to use him completely!


Dock It. Default It. Love It. -en

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