Credit Card Generator the anonymity of your cards

Credit Card Generator l’anonimato delle vostre carte

Today we will talk about a very interesting application concerning the Privacy side. How often have you come across very invasive websites that require you to insert a credit card to take advantage of the services they offer? The application that we are going to review is called Credit Card Generator will help us face this obstacle without exposing our sensitive data such as those of our credit or prepaid cards on the web.

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The application is very simple to use, once opened we will find two “tabs” called “Generator” where we will find all the credit cards we went to generate and the “Checker” tab where we will be able to verify the validity of any generated card or a real card.

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To generate a credit card is very simple, just click the “round” button at the bottom right and we will be asked on what type of “circuit” our card should be generated, for example: “Mastercard”, “Visa” etc.

Once we have selected the “circuit” on which our virtual credit card will be based, we will find it on the first page with the relevant card data:

  • Identification number, the application is based on Luhn’s algorithm / formula to generate the cards;
  • 3-digit CVV security code;
  • Expiration date.

I remind you that generating these cards does not involve the use of transactions, therefore you cannot pay or receive money on the cards and you cannot even use them on sites such as “Netflix” etc … where they check if the cards have credit, they are simply cards “static” virtual machines to be used on sites that require a card but do not check credit. Credit checks are usually done on popular sites like “Amazon” and company.

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Credit Card Generator is only available on Android but is not available on the Play Store below we leave you the LINK for download >>> click here <<<

Let us know in the comments if you find this method useful for not entering your sensitive data on sites that you do not believe reliable.


Stay Tuned!


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