Programming language C

Linguaggio C

Linguaggio C



What is the C language?

C is the most recommended language for those who want to approach the
programming for the first time.
The C language is among the most famous and used languages of
programming in the world.


How to install Eclipse (compiler)

Eclipse is a program that allows the compilation of codes
written in C, C ++, Java and other languages.
We will deal more with the writing of codes in C.
Installation of development environments for the C language.

This guide describes the steps required for installation and
configuration on Windows machines of the development environment

The following packages must be downloaded:


  1. Mingw Compiler ( HERE )
  2. Eclipse ( HERE ). Eclipse is a Java application, so to run it is necessary to install the runtime envronment. Download JRE from this address: HERE and install it.


MinGw installation

Download the compiler and run it.

When the installation is launched, first expand the “ALL PACKAGS” item.
Select “MinGw base system” on the left and locate a
right “MinGw32-basegcc“. Right-click “Mark for
At this point from the “Installation” menu at the top left
select “apply chances” and then press the “apply” button.
Now go to the computer folder by opening it with the right button
where you will go to click on the property item. Select
Advanced settings” after which click on the button
Environment variables“. Under the system variables, click the entry
Edit” and add the new path “C: \ MinGw \ bin;“.
Close everything by saving and opening the command prompt (CMD) e
type the gcc -v command.

If everything has been successful, you will see
an output similar to this: “gcc version 4.5.2 (GCC)“.

Eclipse installation

At this point by installing Eclipse on your PC, you will be ready
to write your first codes.
Start Eclipse and select the folder where i will reside
projects. When the program opens, one will appear
screen and click on “C project“. Then enter the name
of your project.
In the left window select “Hello Word ansi cproject
while in the right window select “MinGw gcc“, finally
click on “finish“.




In my opinion, Eclipse is one of the best development environments, in
as it allows the writing of codes with various languages of
As for the compilation of the codes, MinGw is one of the
best compilers on the market.

In the next guide we will start to make some small ones

Stay tuned!


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