AirDroid, cross-platform personal cloud

AirDroid, personal cloud multipiattaforma

The combination of multiplatform devices, that is, pairing phones with one operating system and a computer with another, is becoming more and more frequent.


While it is easy to make iPhone and Mac talk, when it comes to iPhone + Windows or Android + Mac combinations it is more complex.
Above all, it is very difficult to move files – music and videos, especially – from phone to computer and vice versa if different platforms are involved.


Multi-platform in freedom


Right now I am an Android + Mac user and I have tried several solutions that can allow me to take advantage of the versatility of Android and then move video files and photos on Mac and do editing with Premier or photo retouching with Photoshop.


Of course, there is direct file transfer via cable with the “File Transfer for Android” app, but it is not always comfortable and functional to work with the phone attached to the laptop.




Yet another online search introduced me to AirDroid, a personal cloud app that can do a lot.


It must be downloaded and installed on all the devices you want to connect and then the magic starts.
In addition to being able to exchange files in one direction and the other, now you can “control” your phone remotely, with the App interface on your computer: synchronization of messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram …), synchronization of contacts and use of the camera and video footage.




Personally I find that the greatest convenience is in the ease with which you can pass files and especially videos, but for those who prefer the laptop or desktop as a work unit, it is possible to use AirDroid to group all the screen-continuity apps into one. only one, instant messaging included.







The service is free with a file transfer limit of 200 megs.
The paid Premium version costs $ 20 per year. Allows you to connect up to 2 devices to your laptop, then a smartphone and a tablet. A totally honest figure for what is offered to you.


Find it here:




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