Huawei launches a contest for selfie lovers



It is known that I am a fan of fans.

This is a winning move for Huawei‘s social media team, which launches a contest that is giving away a Mate 20 Pro and a trip to Lapland!


Shoot your happiness” opens with a video that tells the technology through emotions: an intelligent Christmas tree that with its LED lights up the colors of people’s emotions.




It is a competition with prizes, very simple.
After registering for the site, you must upload your photo.
An AI (the Smart Christmas Tree) “understands” if you’re happy, surprised, neutral or “Grinch”, the monster-Christmas ruin made famous by TV.
Participants can also vote for the photo they prefer.


At stake there are 13 (THIRTEEN !!!) Huawei Mate 20 Pro that will be assigned to the draw, one among all the participants who leave their vote, one for the most voted photo, one assigned by a jury (to which is added a trip for 2 people in Lapland, always the perfect Christmas atmosphere) and 10 assigned with the Instant Win method through social channels.


In addition, six totem stations at the City Life Shopping District mall in Milan available for the duration of the competition will help illuminate the smart tree!


The competition lasts until 6th of January, so turn on the selfie camera, and shoot as many as I can!


Stay Tuned

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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