Apple Card, in mid-August Apple could release it

Apple Card

Apple Card


According to a new Bloomberg report, the launch of the Apple Card is imminent. Customers based in the United States should be able to order the new credit card at some point during the first half of August.

It is said that the latest iOS update contains everything needed for the Apple Card. The company can activate a server-side switch to start the card.

Bloomberg also reported a few weeks ago that Apple retail employees were able to sign up for Apple Card and test it before the official release date.

As a reminder, Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs on a credit card for US customers. Goldman Sachs manages the banking infrastructure while Apple controls the user experience. You can register directly from the Wallet app on your iPhone. You can then use your Apple Card with Apple Pay, but you also get a titanium card that works on the Mastercard network.

In addition to a list of your most recent transactions, you can view a breakdown of your purchases by category. There are no monthly costs and no commission for foreign transactions with the Apple Card. And you receive 1% back when you pay with your card, 2% if you pay with Apple Pay and 3% if it’s an Apple purchase .

The refund is credited directly to your Apple Cash card. You can pay for things using this balance via Apple Pay, make a payment on your Apple Card or transfer it to your bank account.

When it comes to security, you won’t find any credit card number on the card. Instead, when you want to pay something on a website that doesn’t support Apple Pay, you get a virtual card number in the Wallet app.

The Apple Card was originally announced in March. At that time, the company declared that it would be available this summer.

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Apple Card

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