Earth 2: what it is and how it will change our way of perceiving the internet and our online lives.



It’s been about 3 months since the launch of the controversial Earth2 platform, where people can buy lots of
virtual earth (1: 1 scale) which, one day, will allow us to play the largest virtual reality system ever
created before (or at least this is the final goal of the team led by Shane Isaac, an Australian developer with
a long experience in software development behind him.)




The development team’s vision is straightforward and concise: to create a virtual second land where people can
express oneself, building and imagining a world beyond every view and expectation.
The project is in phase 1: the land is displayed as on Google Maps; only divided into quadrants (10x10m).
Subsequently, these lands will begin to yield some material (always virtual) that the players can
use to build.




It is easy to understand the potential of this new Metaverse as, due to pandemic causes, people are
more and more at home and more and more connected (often to videogames). In fact, recent studies show how much they are
the companies that develop products related to virtual and augmented reality have grown (

There is certainly no lack of criticism from the most skeptical of the entire project. Among the main points of those who criticize we find:
the time elapsed for Earth2 to deposit the interest accrued in Earth $ (equivalent to 1 USD) on the
players’ current accounts, the scarcity in communicating information regarding the subsequent development phases
of the project and, as always, there are those who think it is a scam.
To each their own opinions … but not their own facts.

Earth 2 caused a sensation and gained visibility through major newspapers (such as Corriere della Sera:
https://corrierein .
In conclusion, it is difficult for us now to make exact predictions about the riots of this new digital platform.
The project is ambitious and the expectations on the part of investors are high, which are more and more; (like
show rising land prices).
To those who, after my words, are interested in investing I leave my personal 5% discount code that they can use
whenever you want: N48D3CG4YL

Thanks for your attention.

Jacopo Pierucci

Stay Tuned!



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