[Google Site Kit] A new WordPress plugin to integrate everything into one

[Google Site Kit] A new WordPress plugin to integrate everything into one

“Site Kit is a free open source plugin that collects in-depth information for WordPress sites by integrating data provided by Google products”


Google announced a new WordPress plugin on December 6, 2018 (completely free) that integrated all Google services into a single service, this plugin is called Site Kit.

This new Google plugin allows all the data of the following services to be accessed in a single service: Search ConsoleAnalyticsAdSense e PageSpeed Insights by accessing from your WordPress Administration panel.


With Site Kit users can access unified information directly from the WordPress administration panel. Site Kit will also provide direct links to Google products for advanced reports and configuration features.

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What are the advantages and features of the plugin?

This new plugin (Site Kit) facilitates access to the data of the aforementioned services, not providing any superfluous data.

An example: The Site Kit button in your Administration panel allows you to view Google Analytics statistics for a specific page / content.



To achieve your goals it also provides notifications on the combined statistics for the posts you have recently published.


Is the plugin available?

Google will release Site Kit to beta testers early in 2019. Those interested in experimenting with the plugin in advance can register here for the beta version.

From June 19th 2019 (2 days ago) Google has made available a Beta version of Google Site Kit and available to everyone where you can download it at this link: Google has made available a repository of the project on GitHub for developers who want to help out in identifying BUG and help.


Google from the announcement of the Plugin focused on some user feedback and in particular on some features, including:


The plug-in configuration requires a minimum of familiarity with the Google Cloud Platform and the OAuth verification process: the current experience that the Site Kit offers is temporary and will be different when it is officially available to all WordPress users.

Obviously, Google will improve its functionality based on the feedback that will be presented by the Beta TesterS.



Stay Tuned!


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