How to install iOS 13 (Mac)

How to install iOS 13 (Mac)

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As already mentioned in the previous article, among the innovations presented at WWDC Keynote of Apple’s 2019 was also the presence of the new iOS 13 but, as we know, in the previous article we explained that for the moment only the developers have access to the new update and so to say to “us common mortals” it remains to wait until September to be able to try it. While for many, like us, we look forward to trying and not waiting until September, we want to bring you a small PC guide with S.O. Mac on how to install the new iOS13 on your devices without being a developer.

iOS 13


CAUTION: neither the owner, nor any other member of Staff, takes responsibility for what is written. We also remind you that it is not legal to carry out such practices, as to be an Apple developer (and therefore have access to it) you must pay an annual fee of € 99 to Apple, this guide is for demonstration purposes only.


Before starting the installation procedure, we recommend that you back up all data.


How to install iOS 13 through the S.O. Mac (without losing any data)

1a) Check if the S.O. of your Mac and iTunes are updated to the latest versions made available

1b)Depending on your device model (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you will need to download the update from these links:


Link iOS 13 for iPhone

iPhone 6sDownload
iPhone 6s PlusDownload
iPhone SEDownload
iPhone 7Download
iPhone 7 PlusDownload
iPhone 8Download
iPhone 8 PlusDownload
iPhone XDownload
iPhone XRDownload 
iPhone XSDownload 
iPhone XS MaxDownload

Link iOS 13 for iPad

iPad Pro (11 inch) 3rd generationDownload
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 3rd generationDownload
iPad Pro (10.5 inch) 2nd generationDownload
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 2nd generationDownload
iPad (5th generation)Download
iPad (6th generation)Download
iPad Air 3Download
iPad Air 2Download
iPad Pro (9.7‑inch) 1st generationDownload
iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) 1st GenerationDownload
iPad mini (5th generation)Download
iPad mini 4Download

Link iOS 13 for iPod touch

iPod touch (7th generation)Download


2) Download and install the following Software:


3) Now you have to connect your device to the Mac and then start iTunes;

4) Now open the summary page of your device via iTunes;




5) Click together the Option key on the keyboard and the left mouse button with the cursor in the check updates button;

6) If you have performed the procedure in detail you will get a window with the files;

7) Now all you have to do is find and click on the file you downloaded in the second point of the guide;

8) If you have done everything correctly the installation of iOS 13 will start and will only take you a few minutes.


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