How to install iOS 13 (Windows)

iOS 13 Windows

As already mentioned in the previous article, among the innovations presented at WWDC Keynote of Apple’s 2019 was also the presence of the new iOS 13 but, as we know, in the previous article we explained that for the moment only the developers have access to the new update and so to say to “us common mortals” it remains to wait until September to be able to try it. While for many, like us, we look forward to trying and not waiting until September, we want to bring you a small PC guide with S.O. Windows on how to install the new iOS13 on your devices without being a developer.



CAUTION: neither the owner, nor any other member of Staff, takes responsibility for what is written. We also remind you that it is not legal to carry out such practices, as to be an Apple developer (and therefore have access to it) you must pay an annual fee of € 99 to Apple, this guide is for demonstration purposes only.



Before starting the installation procedure, we recommend that you back up all data.


How to install iOS 13 through the S.O. Windows (without losing any data)


1) Depending on your device models (iPhone or iPad) you will need to download the update from these links:


Link iOS 13 for iPhone

iPhone 6s Download  Google Drive2
iPhone 6s Plus Download  Google Drive, 2
iPhone SE Download  Google Drive23
iPhone 7 Download  Google Drive23
iPhone 7 Plus Download  Google Drive23
iPhone 8 Download  Google Drive23
iPhone 8 Plus Download  Google Drive23
iPhone X Download  Google Drive23
iPhone XR Download  Google Drive23
iPhone XS Download  Google Drive23
iPhone XS Max Download  Google Drive23


Link IOS 13 for iPad

iPad Pro (11 inch) 3rd generation Download   Download Mirror
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 3rd generation Download   Download Mirror
iPad Pro (10.5 inch) 2nd generation Download   Download Mirror 
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 2nd generation Download   Download Mirror
iPad (5th generation) Download  Download Mirror
iPad (6th generation) Download   Download Mirror
iPad Air 3 Download   Download Mirror
iPad Air 2 Download   Download Mirror
iPad Pro (9.7‑inch) 1st generation Download  Download Mirror
iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) 1st Generation Download   Download Mirror
iPad mini (5th generation) Download   Download Mirror
iPad mini 4 Download   Download Mirror



2) In the second point you will have to download and unzip the following file inside the C: disk of your PC:



3) If you have installed iTunes in the Microsoft store, you can uninstall and check in this directory (if there is anything trashed)


Now go to this link: Download iTunes Installer (.exe) and install the latest version

4) Now go to the update file you downloaded via the link to the first point of the guide and rename it, in ios13.ipsw oripados-13.ipsw;

5) Copy the newly renamed file and paste it into the libimobile2019 folder (the one that fir first extracted from the C: disk of your PC)


6) Go to your Start menu and start the Command Prompt or CMD as Administrator

7) Now type this:  cd C:\libimobile2019-master

8) Take your iPhone / iPad device and connect it with the cable to your PC (Close iTunes)

9) Enter the command:  idevicerestore.exe -d ios13.ipsw.ipsw (or  idevicerestore.exe -d ipados-13.ipsw.ipsw)


10) At this point the installation procedure of iOS 13 should be started. If errors appear during this, like these:

ERROR: Unable to send iBEC component: Unable to find device
ERROR: Unable to send iBEC to device.
ERROR: Unable to send iBEC

You will simply have to close iTunes, go to the Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus devices -> Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB Composite Device. Click with the right mouse button on Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB Composite Device and then click on Uninstall device selecting also delete software for the device

11) Then you will have to disconnect and immediately reconnect your device to the PC and wait for Windows to recognize it

12) Retype the command idevicerestore.exe -d ios13.ipsw.ipsw (or  idevicerestore.exe -d ipados-13.ipsw.ipsw) in the CMD and now the errors that appeared before should no longer appear

13) If you have followed the guide impeccably at the end of the process, a message should appear: Status: Restore Finished

14) Now you just need to follow all the instructions on your screen and you can enjoy iOS 13 without being a developer.


Stay Tuned!

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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