Lots of news for the Apple Keynote on September 10th


September is now at the gates seem relaxed days of vacation lying in the sun beautiful.

But September always brings a lot of good news, new projects are always starting, new jobs, in short everything is always new in September, and even Apple is no less presenting the new products.

Yes, because finally on September 10 Apple will present the new iPhone, iWatch and iMac.

Already from the many rumors on the net all the details of the new iPhone models have emerged.
even Apple itself from the presentation logo has already revealed something, because in fact as seen from the logo, the new colors of the iPhone seem to appear, which will always be 3 an XI max, an XI and an XI re names will be discovered during the presentation , what is known for the moment is that there will be three rear cameras for the Max, while for the entry level model (if you can call it that) it will be 2.

Many other innovations will be revealed on September 10th even if by now we already know almost everything.

We just have to wait and see if the rumors on the net have hit the mark once again.

Stay Tuned!


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