Reflections on the Apple Keynote


Quick overview of the new iPhone models and some reflection.

As you well know Apple has presented the new Apple Watch at the Keynote, in addition to the new iPad, also the new phones, namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro and iPhone 11 proMax.

The various rumors spread around the web have now taken away all the surprise, but let’s quickly see what changes they have made.

All three phones are equipped with a Bionic A13 chip that ensures fast calculation, increased battery life and high performance.

For the pro and pro Max models we have

An XDR super retina screen that offers unparalleled brightness and reality of images and videos.

The triple camera with ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto lens leads to unique experiences regarding photos and videos, even in low light conditions.

Prices start at € 1189 for the 11 pro phones from 64gb and 1289 for iphone pro max.

As for the iPhone 11 instead

We find a new dual wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle camera for great photos even in low light conditions.

Prices start from the basic 64gb model for € 839.

All three models include the new iOS 13 operating system created especially for them with new improvements and new features such as the dark mode.

As always, for all models, Apple gives the possibility to exchange the old phone for a discount on the new one.

We come to my considerations

Now everything is beautiful all over again, but in my opinion the prices especially for the pro models are really excessive, getting to touch the € 1700 for the pro max 512gb model seems to me pure folly, after all it is still a telephone, and for when it is big both the screen cannot be replaced for business use instead of an iPad or Mac.

Of course, performance, an immersive screen and a camera will live up to the various TVs and professional cameras, but it’s still a phone, even if it’s the best ever until September 2020 when they present the new models.

What do you think about it??

Stay Tuned!


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