Mi Max 3 – Big is nice!

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Big and long, it is not in the pants. Do not be mischievous! What did you understand? I’m talking about the
phablet par excellence of the Xiaomi house: the Mi Max 3.
A huge smartphone, a mini tablet not suitable for everyone, but really special.
I loved it and I tell you why.
Let’s start from the specifications.
The display is a 6.9 “IPS in FullHD + technology. The colors are bright, always balanced and
never excessively fired. You can enjoy a movie, watch a game, or play with the maximum
of imaginable comfort. The quality is superb: clear and clear in all light conditions. Needless
say that surfing the internet with a diagonal of the kind is crazy cool. Say goodbye in fact
to mobile mode and enjoy web pages in their original format, in desktop mink. Also
under the sun and direct light you will never be disappointed. If I have to find a fault, the
brightness in automatic mode is a bit slow in calibrating, but details that do not remove anything
to such a high performance display.
To complete the video experience there is a stereo sound of excellent quality.
The sounds are clear, well equalized, never too sharp or even muffled. The phone uses the
anterior capsule (the one where the ear is resting during the call) to complete that
lower, located next to the charging slot (in type -c). The result is an audio in stereo that
it never cracks, even at maximum volume. You will no longer be able to disconnect from YouTube or from
On the connectivity side, we find the wifi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, the bluetooth 5.0, the GPS and the very comfortable
IRDA, to use the phone as a remote control.
The 4G + is present and … you hear … the band 20, fundamental for Wind and Iliad customers.
The phone is a 4G dual sim, but if you have only one number, you can always take advantage of the
second slot to house a memory card, which increases storage capacity.
Turning to hardware, the smartphone mounts the very cheap (in terms of energy savings,
you will understand later why) and long-lived Snapdragon 636.
On the RAM side you can choose a 4gb cut (I recommend it) or 6gb.
Among the storage instead you can buy the 64gb version or the largest 128gb (take this,
space is never enough).
As for the photographic sector, on the back there is a 12 mpx + 2 mpx camera (a
traffic light) with F1.9 opening. Anteriorly instead you will find an 8 mpx camera with opening
The shots are clear and well balanced by day, but at night they suffer from the classic digital noise.
The selfies I did not like because they return shots too smooth and overexposed. To make you a
example, do you know what Barbara D’Urso is framing? The Madonna seems to have appeared, with
all those lights! Here, the effect is more or less similar and I personally do not like it.
But come to the clu, the merit that will make you love this phone and that you will never return
back: the battery.
Under the body of the Max 3 beats a “beast” of 5500 mAh … a monster that you will struggle to
Forget not to arrive until the evening and make a nice raspberry at the iPhone XS Max!
With a thoughtful use you will easily do three (I say three!) Days of autonomy. You
quietly forget the charger at home and make fun of your friends.
Deficiencies? NFC is missing, but we are still talking about a medium range.
Coming to conclusions, I really liked this phone, so much so that it became mine
main terminal.
Of course, it is a bit ‘difficult to handle, even if the one-hand mode is very well his
craft. Once you’re used to it, however, I assure you that you will never come back and everyone else
smartphones will seem like toys.
Last two things and then, I swear, I really stop: the feeling in hand and the price.
It feels slippery to the touch, which is why a back is highly recommended

As for the price … gentlemen … hold on tight: just over € 200.00 on Gearbest and other online stores
for the China version; around € 250.00 in a global version (which I recommend) on the main sites
European importers, with ultra-fast delivery and 24-month Italy warranty.
Alternatives? Surely the Note series of Honor and the Huawei Mate 20 X are competitors of the
Max and, but lose the lot on the price, as far (far by far) more expensive.
Ah already … I forgot: the terminal is mounted MIUI 10, which will soon be updated to the version
11. Right now also Android Pie is rolled out, already available for China
Now I really finished.
What to say … buy it! Have I told you that you will never come back? Hihihihi!
He tells you one who has had the whole series of Max and who is waiting with mouth watering the
version 4. I can not wait!


Stay Tuned!

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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