The big-data revolution and DLT technologies

La rivoluzione dei big-data e delle tecnologie DLT

We live in a historical context of great changes in which the process of technological convergence becomes a fundamental factor for the interpretation of the reality that surrounds us.

The economy is increasingly moving towards an irreversible digitalisation process in which data and their constant reworking become the main added value.

At the same time, another disruptive phenomenon has emerged that in all likelihood will revolutionize the entire economy we know in the most diverse product sectors: DLT (Distributed technological ledgers).

The most well-known applications of these technologies refer to the financial sphere, as the phenomenon of the crypto coins has shown, but there are more purely technological fields that still need to be really explored both as regards the management of the data that will have to be archived, and for regarding the decentralized computing model able to manage the delicate refining process. And it is this delicate process of convergence between the technologies that we will discuss in the next articles.

Stay Tuned!

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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