Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – the battery to the test

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

From 100 to 20% in 1 day, 10 hours, 51 minutes and 43 seconds.
Screen usage 3 hours, 9 minutes and 49 seconds, of which the majority on Facebook and Whatsapp, with WiFi, LTE and Bluetooth always active and Mi Band 3 connected.


I do not know what standard you are used to, but for a phone with a 6.39 “SuperAMOLED screen” it is a very good result.


The test was simple: “take the phone to work”. And I work with Socials. So the phones are under stress with all their functions plus power consuming: photos, videos, uploads and so on.


For me, proof passed.
I reserve a second trial in an even more challenging context, during a live event.

Battery-1-en Battery-2-en Battery-3-en

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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