Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – Top of the definitive range

Cover Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
Cover Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


For those who appreciate technology like myself, there is nothing more exciting than getting your hands on something new, built to amaze.
The Mi Mix 3 and this: a machine that represents the best that Xiaomi can offer in terms of both performance and design.
The innovation offered by this smartphone is not in pure power, but overall: performance + usability + functional design.


They sound like big words, but a technological object is not really innovative if it can not improve the way people use technology.


The screen that makes the difference


The first feature that jumps to the eye is the size of the screen.
We are talking about a real border-less, 6.39 “SuperAMOLED FullHD +, 1080×2340 pixels (19.5: 9) .Screen-surface ratio: 93.4% (second only to the Oppo Find X with a 93.8 %, but slightly smaller screen)



Lo schermo dello Xiaomi Mi Mix3
The screen of the Xiaomi Mi Mix3



If we have to make a ranking of the best possible specification of this smartphone, surely the screen wins. Impressive brightness, precise colors and a truly exceptional detail. Any content appears clear, never snappy and incredibly more engaging.


There is a flaw: the phone is objectively heavier than average.
But a hard case made of rough material is supplied in the package, which increases the grip and the feeling of security, without altering the shape or design of the phone.
But the Mi Mix 3 package has other surprises: it contains – in addition to the USB-C / Audio Jack dongle – a wireless charging base.
This is not a special edition, it is included in the packaging of each Mi Mix 3. This is undoubtedly also an “innovation”, because for the first time a “premium” accessory is supplied in the basic package of a smartphone.
The wireless base allows you to charge the phone in 2 hours, from 5%.


La confezione dello Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
La confezione dello Xiaomi Mi Mix 3












Powerful and versatile


But let’s get to the performances.
For those following Xiaomi, it has long been known that the Achilles’ heel has always been the photographic industry, which has achieved performances comparable to the competition with the Mix 2s and the Mi 8.
This Mix 3 improves even more, demonstrating how the real difference in photographic quality does the algorithm of the App, and not the megapixels, which on this smartphone are 12 for the rear camera and 24 for the front.


The photos are sharp, incredibly precise, with instant autofocus. The era of mods to install the gCam is officially over.


Tramonto con HDR
Sunset with HDR
Tramonto con foto Notturna
Sunset with Night photo
Tramonto con AI attiva
Sunset with active AI
Immancabile fotomodello Jack
Unfailing photo model Jack
Il dettaglio della trama della scatola
The detail of the plot of the box
Foto Ritratto
Portrait photo



































Impressive also the video-camera that for the first time offers the slowmotion at 960 fps, a feature that allows you to shoot (as I did), the flames of a fireplace while dancing. Incredible, really. I imagine the use of this feature in sports or outdoor activities, the “wow effect” is guaranteed.


Fireplace in Slowmotion 960 fps


Fotocamera ovviamente gestita dall’intelligenza artificiale, che è in grado di riconoscere persone, animali, tramonti, panorami… e adattare le impostazioni automatiche per dare il meglio. È veramente soddisfacente.


Front slider, useful or “gadget”?


Now let’s get to the curiosity, the famous slider.
I must admit that I had imagined it softer. It is hard to operate, but this is good: it means that it will never open inappropriately.
A thumb slide down and here is the super-monitor lower to discover the front camera (24 mix) and activate the camera app. It’s an instant transaction and works even when the screen is off.
You can also associate a sound when opening the slide, with 5 options available. I chose the warrior, who reproduces the sound of a drawn sword. Too bad there is not a sound dedicated to the famous saga of space knights with light swords …



The photos are of remarkable quality, with automatic filters that are always activated thanks to the AI managed by the powerful SnapDragon 845, the 6 GB of RAM and the ARDENO 630 GPU.
First class equipment, together with 128 GB of archive space.


The solution of the slider is necessary to guarantee the borderless screen, but clearly now I do not know if it will be reliable in time or not. The doubt remains, even if the build quality seems really high.


On the positive side, the camera lens is protected, so scratches and dirt are avoided. The movement is entirely mechanical and manual, the screen is held in place by two super-magnets made from rare earths. The absence of excessive motorcycles and gears certainly increases resistance, but the doubt remains. I will update you if anything happens.


Technical features


The memory is not expandable, but with the support of Google Photo it is not a problem: the app automatically stores your photos and videos on the Cloud and clears the phone’s memory. Very useful.


The Mi Mix 3 arrives in Italy with MIUI 10 ( PEEMIFH) and Android P, in the colors Black Onyx and Blue Sapphire (missing the Giada Green, which I personally would have preferred). Currently there are no cuts with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of archive.


The package also includes the base for wireless charging.
The last feature, perhaps the best, is the price: € 550 in store Mi Store, which is in fact “half” (or slightly more) than an Oppo Find X (the only other almost completely borderless phone with retractable camera )
Choices that in fact make it the top of the range most accessible on the market.


Un saluto da Lei Jun
Greetings from Lei Jun

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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