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Among the constantly growing brands, Xiaomi has managed to prove that, to have good products, it is not
necessary to spend a fortune.

The message is clear: technology must be within reach
all and not just a few. Of course you can object that the good things cost, but not
let’s forget that smartphones, from the least expensive to the most expensive, are all exactly the same
same things: they write, they photograph, they reproduce videos, games and phone.

If all this is done without giving up quality and spending less, then there is no doubt: you must have a Xiaomi!
Until yesterday, I admit it was not so easy to buy one. We had to speak exclusively
to the Chinese market, with the risk of receiving the product months later (in some cases after having paid the
customs), perhaps defective, with an unacceptable guarantee, without the Italian language, the Play Store, le
Google applications and with a series of “cinesate” that could not be uninstalled.

Fortunately, all this has changed and today Xiaomi products can be bought regularly
in shopping centers or large technology centers.
But if you want to save something, maybe taking advantage of offers at certain times
of the year (just at this moment is about to start the Chinese New Year), I advise you to give
take a look at the websites of some European importers, who offer on the Xiaomi products or Italy warranty
Europe 24 months.

I will point out those where I buy regularly.
The first is that of Xiaomi Italia, reachable at https://www.mi.com/it.
The site exclusively deals with Xiaomi products and offers the possibility to interact with a community
very structured to ask for information and useful advice. Among the services offered, there is also the
possibility of assistance via chat or via a toll-free number. The delivery service is very
effective, usually the products arrive within two days.

Geekmall instead, in addition to Xiaomi, also treats other Chinese brands. On the site, which can be found at the address
https://www.geekmall.it, offers are often found. Delivery is fast and secure. It is scheduled
possibility to interact via chat and all products have 24-month Italy warranty.

Another reference in the Xiaomi panorama is definitely Grossoshop, which can be found at the site
https://www.grossoshop.net. Among the contents, the site also includes a blog, containing the guides for the
smartphone modding (bootloader unlocking, rom eu installation etc.).

Finally, I point out Honorbuy, found at https://www.honorbuy.it, similar to Grossoshop, but
with the possibility to purchase, in addition to smartphones, also other technological devices.
Grossoshop and Honorbuy also deliver within a couple of days.

Ah … I forgot: on both sites, to save even more, there is the possibility to buy
also devices with Chinese rom.

I do not recommend it, however, since, as I said above, you will not find the Play on the terminals
Store and Gapps, but they can always be installed separately.
At this point, I really believe I told you everything.
I hope I have been helpful.

To resent with Xiaomi.


Stay Tuned!

SviluppoMania - Francesco Candurro

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