Apple, change of strategy for the development of Siri

Apple Siri


Apple Siri

Apple changes the strategy for the development of Siri and removes from office Bill Stasior, head of the Siri team since 2012.


The news was reported by The Information website, according to which there would be no dissatisfaction in the work of the team, but a change of strategy in the development of the virtual assistant.


According to some sources, in fact, John Giannandrea, Vice President for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, would have made the decision to advance Siri no longer with annual updates, but through long-term research.


Steve Jobs imagined Siri as a real artificial intelligence, able to interact naturally with man, but today, however, Siri is limited to web searches and device control.


It is hoped that with the entry of Giannandrea into the Siri team, who previously worked with Google, we can bring back the vision of Steve Jobs.


It is undeniable that Siri has lagged behind its Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant competitors.


We do not know exactly what future plans are for Siri, but clearly Apple has set a long-term goal and wants to return to innovation.


Will the experience of John Giannandrea manage to bring the company led by Tim Cook back a step ahead of its competitors?


Stay Tuned! 




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