€ 15 discount to buy reconditioned products on riCompro.it

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riCompro is an online shop dedicated to the sale of used items and the purchase of reconditioned products, let’s see how it works.


How does it work?

The site of riCompro (https://www.ricompro.it) allows consumers to evaluate their old smartphones, tablets and laptops for free for sale at riCompro. Immediately after the evaluation, you can book online the withdrawal of the device for an analysis carried out at a partner workshop with re-purchase at no cost to the customer. The device is paid within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. Smartphones and tablets are then reconditioned and then sold online to new customers, always with a 12-month warranty, at discounted prices of up to 50%.


To certify the operation of each device before being re-sold, riCompro uses only certified laboratories from manufacturers with non-precarious and regularly hired technicians.


riCompro.it Homepage


What benefits riCompro does it bring to consumers?

The riCompro service allows users to sell mobile phones in an easier and safer way than traditional online sales channels such as Facebook or eBay.


The discounts

riComrpo provides two users of SviluppoMania two discount codes, one of € -10 € and one of € -15 


• € -10 with the code sviluppomania-2019 (10€, valid until 31/12/2019, purchase of reconditioned devices)


• -15€ with the code sviluppomania-15 (15€, valid until 28/02/2019, purchase of reconditioned devices)



What ecological advantages lead to the sale and reconditioning of used devices?

Every year more than 20 million smartphones are abandoned in Italian drawers and replaced by new devices, but these phones are often fully functional.


This behavior causes two major problems:


  • Each device contains precious resources such as gold, aluminum and cobalt, which have often been mined in mines in Asia, Africa and South America by precarious workers, often under age, in inhumane conditions. Keeping unused devices at home means removing these materials from circulation and therefore creating the need to recover them again for the production of new devices.

  • In many cases, unused devices are still fully functional or repairable. Keeping used and operating devices unused at home involves the production and sale of new devices.


The riCompro service encourages the preservation of raw materials and avoids CO2 emissions caused by the production of new smartphones.


Why not recycle devices?


In the case of completely damaged mobile phones, recycling is the right solution, but very often these devices are still perfectly usable. The production of new devices causes, in addition to the use of precious raw materials (including also various types of rare earths), even up to 90KG CO2.The use of the services of riCompro therefore helps to improve the environmental impact of the use of smartphones in terms of pollution, reduction of electronic waste and waste of rare natural resources.


Which products are purchased and reconditioned from riCompro?


  • iPhone
  • MacBook (Feb 2019)
  • iPad (Mar 2019)

                                                                          riCompro.it ProductsriCompro.it Products



  • Smartphone


Galaxy Edge

Galaxy Note

A Series (Mar 2019)

J Series (Mar 2019)


Who founded riCompro?

riCompro is part of the Milky Way Ventures group, a new type of incubator focused on the creation of e-commerce companies founded in Italy by Fabian Thobe, Gaetano Romeo, Roberto Marani, Salvatore Iuzzolini and Alessandro Faccin. Members have successful international experiences such as Groupon and Delivery Hero and in consulting companies such as McKinsey and BCG.

Co-Founder of riCompro.it
Fabian V. Thobe, Co-Founder of riCompro.it
Co-Founder of riCompro.it
Alessandro Faccin, Co-Founder of riCompro.it



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