Apple obliged to publish the sentence concerning planned obsolescence.

Apple Samsung

Apple was obliged to publish the AGCM ruling regarding planned obsolescence, right on the Italian website.


Apple was forced after losing a lawsuit in Italy to publish the negative sentence on the planned obsolescence of the iPhone 6 and 6s.




The sentence confirms the performance limitation and the consequent slowdown of the iPhone 6/6 plus and iPhone 6s / 6s plus following the installation of iOS 10.2.1



As you can see, Apple has lost the cause required by the AGCM that accused it of improper practice against users, imposing limiting updates </ strong> without offering the possibility of downgrading, therefore will have to pay afine of € 10,000,000


Apple Samsung


Even Samsung was forced to make the same admission with the burden of have misled the users, even with false information on updates.


The two companies failed to inform users about the negative impact of updates on device performance.


Both companies have justified the reduction in CPU performance, favorable for battery conservation, as well as the problem that some devices are turned off suddenly, will be true?


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