Pixel of Facebook, what is it and what does it consist of?

Facebook Pixel

Pixel of Facebook, what is it and what does it consist of?


Facebook is the largest online advertising tool.
Useful and important for companies that want to sponsor their business, spending a few hundred euros, but reaching a multitude of potentially interested users.


What is pixel?

A few weeks ago Facebook announced the arrival of its new update, Pixel, a tool that serves to monitor the progress of a Facebook campaign and verify its effectiveness.
It is a line of code inserted in the websites, which determines a detailed statistic of the users who have visited that site, measures conversions and improves and optimizes the publication of an advertisement on Facebook.


How to set the Facebook Pixel?

First of all you need to access your Facebook, Facebook advertising account and click on the Pixel item in the Business section.
Click on create a pixel, name it, accept the conditions and continue.

The requirements for having Pixel is to have a Facebook advertising account.


How to know if a site has Pixel installed or if yours works correctly?

Use the “Facebook Pixel Helper” chrome extension.
In this way, if the site you are browsing has the active Pixel, the icon will be blue and green.

The Pixel tool is essential for measuring the progress of a campaign and reaching a slice of users interested in your products and services.
What are you waiting for to activate it?


Written by Gabriella Ferrara


Stay Tuned!


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